Fiduciary Services


Wills and estate planning work hand in hand. Having a valid Will is essential to estate planning, just as knowing what your estate is worth is key to drafting a Will. A Will is one of the more important documents you will ever sign as it ensures that your estate is divested in the way you would like it to be. Over and above the accurate distribution of sentimental items among beneficiaries, a carefully drafted Will can also avoid cash flow challenges and save on Estate Duty and Income Tax – and even more importantly, it can help avoid family conflict.


Trusts and Trusteeship

Depending on your particular needs, a trust can be a valuable tool in both tax and estate planning. Trusts can be used for private individuals (a family trust) as well as for corporate business structures. Our significant experience in the duties and responsibilities of acting as a professional trustee means that we will always ensure that the proper care is taken in the management of the trust assets.

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Executorships and Deceased Estate Administration

Executorships and deceased estate administration in South Africa is highly regulated. And it requires both a working knowledge of the laws and the operation of the Master of the High Court’s Offices. Our vast experience in the wrapping up of estates and our comprehensive knowledge of tax, life assurance, the administrative process of the Master’s Office and SARS means that your estate is handled timeously and with the greatest care and professionalism at a time when your family needs it the most. Minimising estate duty and maximising after tax inheritance.