Portfolio Management


Minimum Risk. Maximum Performance

Our goal is to minimise portfolio risk levels while maximising performance. We do this by sourcing growth shares at excellent value relative to their peers. We also adopt a combination Bottom Up and Top Down macro-economic investment philosophy. This results in reduced risk and improved long-term performance.


Investment Process

We focus on companies that demonstrate outstanding growth potential, with dynamic management and those that trade at discounts to their intrinsic values. We also identify the blue chip companies of the future and blend these with quality shares that have proven track records. The process we adopt is one of collective decision making by an experienced investment committee, which is core to our organisation. This committee also implements the recommendations made by the investment team.

In-depth Research

To create an optimal portfolio mix, we conduct our own in-house research in addition to drawing on information from various leading independent research houses. Our analysis focuses on identifying: • Sound management. • Solid performance and sustainability. • A low Price/Equity multiple relative to the consensus growth forecasts. • High prospective dividend yields. • High cash flow per share and low gearing. • High relative strength. • A strong competitive advantage.

An Outward Focus

As part of our client-centric service, we conduct full portfolio reviews of existing and prospective clients’ portfolios. We also provide a detailed report covering the global and local economic outlook, sector rebalancing strategies and specific share commentary. This provides an important context and backdrop against which to view your portfolio.