Strategic Partner Opportunities

Why partner with PCH?

Offering a complete lifestyle change with the certainty that your loyal clients will be looked after now and into the future.

At Private Client Holdings we realise that independent brokers, investment managers, financial planners, financial service providers and asset management companies may be looking for alternatives to their current business structures that allow them to focus on key client relationships whilst leaving the back office work to our professional team.

By partnering with Private Client Holdings, businesses within the financial sector, particularly independent brokers, gain access to new skills and a new perspective as well as the ability to offer their clients access to the Private Client Holdings services and offerings.

In addition to this, Private Client Holdings can facilitate effortless, smooth continuity of a business through effective succession planning, which meets the requirements of the FSB, as well as the acquisition of businesses which allows brokers to continue earning an income without the administrative and overhead cost burden whilst their clients continue to receive a superior service from our team.

Private Client Holdings can offer you the following:

  • Key performance
  • Access to professional investment solutions
  • Effective succession planning
  • Provide continuity and ongoing client service and satisfaction
  • Successful acquisition agreements
  • Establishing broker networks
  • Relief from compliance issues
  • Relief from administration pressures
  • Ability to stay abreast of investment trends and legislative developments


Where to from here

At Private Client Holdings we assist independent financial planners to build, run and exit their businesses effectively and profitably.

Come and speak to us about your requirements and together we can structure a tailored unique partnership that is mutually beneficial and allows you essential peace of mind.