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  • Chris Frankel & Andrew Ratcliffe



Are you involved with a PBO or do you own an organisation that could benefit from expert advice when it comes to managing and structuring your balance sheet assets? Are you optimising the yield on your treasury reserves and been advised on your corporate structure?

The Private Client Holdings newly developed Corporate Stewardship offering provides a central collaborative point to support any organisation across all its wealth management needs, from long-term planning to routine transactions, administration and reporting.

We strategically allocate your organisation’s financial resources to maximise value and we take ownership of non-core functions so you can pursue your business goals. We partner with you to achieve positive cash flow management and efficient working capital so you can drive continued growth and your bottom line. Robust governance is a cornerstone of our Corporate Stewardship offering.


Outsourced treasury We tailor-make a comprehensive cash management solution for your organisation and deliver superior returns by effectively managing your available cash, using it as an asset to generate additional income. In partnership with private banks we efficiently invest and transact on your behalf.

We ensure that working capital is available for your immediate needs without compromising the organisation’s financial strength or efficiency. In summary, our outsourced treasury capability offers:

• Bespoke cash management solutions; • Superior returns; • Bill paying services; • Optimised liquidity and • Forex capability that enables you to conduct foreign exchange transactions easily, quickly and at highly competitive rates.

Corporate business advisory In collaboration with our business partners, we provide funding for growth by unlocking working capital tied up in stock and debtors and provide asset finance for productive, income-generating assets.

Corporate goals-based asset management Wealth planning and investment management is integrated into a cohesive, unified approach to ensure your organisation reaches its long-term financial objectives.

Employee benefits Employee benefit offerings are a solid retention tool and are a great way to attract quality prospective employees. Our solutions are cost driven and offer secure and flexible risk and retirement benefits with sophisticated investment options that balance your needs and those of your employees. We empower your employees to maximise their retirement benefits and enjoy comprehensive protection in the event of death, disability or illness

Healthcare services We offer an independent and fit-for-purpose solution by identifying the most appropriate plan for your organisation. We review it regularly to ensure you are getting value for money and liaise with all service providers to ensure a seamless and hassle-free experience.

Integrated payroll services Private Client Financial, our tax and accounting pillar, provides integrated payroll administration services that merge payroll and HR activities for maximum efficiency.

With the PCH Corporate Stewardship offering, you can consider us your personal CFO, a trusted partner nurturing your organisation to thrive and prosper. Contact Chris Fraenkel ( or Andrew Ratcliffe ( to see how our innovative approach to Corporate. Stewardship can help grow your organisation’s long-term wealth.


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